Electroplating - ministry approved electroplaters and metal finishers

The finishes that we do

  • zinc passivate.

  • clear passivate.

  • gold passivate.

  • Rogard/Clear/Gold passivate.

  • Nickle/Bright.

  • Tin/Bright/Dull

  • Zinc/Lanolin

  • Chrome.

  • Oxidising.

  • Degreasing.

  • Strip and Oil.

  • Stripping.

  • Electric galv.

We can also offer facilities for other processes, please ring for details.

Traditionally jobs to Zinc plate. e.g. Castings, Socket Screws, Black H.T. Bolts, which are normally considered difficult are processed through quickly and efficiently thanks to a German process of Zinc plating.

If you are having difficulty with your current electroplaters, then give us a ring.

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